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This comprehensive 60-minute session provides an overview of the necessary tools and guidelines to get started running a successful organization. Whether you're a new club officer or an experienced leader, a big club or small, this course is designed to introduce you to or refresh your knowledge of club management.

Student Organization Workshops are August 22, 2022 - August 30, 2022

Below is a video recording from the Fall 2022 Student Organization Workshop (officers).

Contact Dustin Lewis at for more information.

Download the workshop slides (PDF)

Watch the workshop training video here (coming soon) 


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Quick jumps within video

     3:40 - Group Settings
     7:20 - Managing Group Officers
     9:15 - Email/Communication 
     10:19 - Events 
     18:18 - Surveys & Forms
     24:32 - Editing your Profile
     25:40 - Accounting Book (fund balances & transactions)

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