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Xavier Alum Lands Gig at Pinterest-Marketer Ahalogy

Dec 19, 2019

The first thing you notice in the cubical is the Xavier sticker, then the pictures of loved ones, and finally an art piece representing the state of Washington. It all belongs to the newly-promoted Business Development Sales Manager, Xavier University alumni Traci Garcia.

Garcia graduated from Xavier in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Philosophy, Politics, and the Public.

“I feel like at Xavier there was so much question to the why…” Garcia said. Her Xavier education always makes her question, “Why do we do what we do and what impact does it have on others around us? I think that holistic thinking is what really helps me in my job because it doesn’t just keep you on a one-track mind,” she said.Photo of Traci Garcia

These are the skills that landed Garcia in her current position at Ahalogy, a Cincinnati-based startup co-founded by two former Proctor and Gamble employees that focuses on Pinterest-focused digital marketing.

“Learning how to think critically and solve issues have allowed her to craft and create this very cool career path for herself,” said Dr. Leslie Rasmussen, associate professor of Communication at Xavier.

Having close relationships with her professors at Xavier is what really kickstarted Garcia’s professional career she said. “It was the connections I made with my professors and teachers and grads and alumni,” she said.

Garcia felt very comfortable going to her professors and asking for advice, clairification or help.

“They were so supportive,” Garcia said. “All of the professors were. Everyone I talked to was so great and helped me find connections.” In fact, Garcia landed her first job through Xavier professor and alumni connections.

Now, Garcia has become a mentor for her co-workers.

Mary Kate Dorr worked with Garcia in Client Services at Ahalogy, and Dorr says Garcia was more of a mentor than a boss.

“She’s such a positive person,” Dorr said. “She has always been there to give me professional advice, personal advice, and as a support system when I wanted to switch jobs and further my career.”  

Both Rasmussen and Dorr agree that Garcia’s future is bright. The field of digital marketing is always shifting, Dorr noted, and because of this she is “very excited to see where [Garcia’s] career goes.”

Garcia agrees that the constant change in the digital marketing and public relation fields is the beauty of her career path.

“Since I’m still at the start of my career, I want to continue to stay open to new experiences and hungry for new opportunities and growth,” she said. “You can really make [a digital marketing career] anything you want it to be… Being a good communicator is key to any role you’ll take on.”

By Maddy Goodman, '21, Office of Marketing and Communications

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